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You might not need useRef for that

According to the React maintainers, React developers reach for the useEffect hook too quickly. It is far from the only hook with many naive usages. Why won't we go through my favorite example of an incorrect usage for useRef?

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=== doesn't float

Why are we not thinking about tolerances in floating point equality checks.

I floored a floating point number and it broke my payment flow when people ordered a specific amount of an item.

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In progress

I have so many projects that I want to work on. These are some of my personal projects that are on my mind right now.

WARNING: These projects are all still under development and not optimised for production use. Some stuff will outright not work.

Christmas wishlist

I make a new wishlist website every year. Different features, technologies and gimmicks.

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Everything Next 13 Server components

Different levels of explaining what server components are and patterns for using them.

Mortgage simulator

A spreadsheet for visualizing and calculating mortgage options.